Sunday, September 16, 2007

Goals for a First Year Teacher

1. Organize my time, tasks, and classroom before school begins

2. Always have a backup plan, in case an activity just does not work

3. Develop successful professional relationships with my colleagues and with the families of my students

4. Develop a meaningful relationship with each of my students

5. Plan lessons that will meet the needs of my students

6. Deliver instruction that will fully engage my students in learning

7. Assess my students’ progress accurately and fairly

8. Motivate my students to succeed

9. Help my students develop the study skills they need to become independent learners

10. Prevent discipline problems from disrupting the positive learning environment that I want to establish

11. Successfully manage discipline problems once they occur

12. Meet the needs of each child in my diverse classroom

13. Find a balance between my work (professional) life and my home life

14. Increase my content knowledge of History

15. Keep a journal to reflection on my teaching experiences


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Principal said...

I enjoyed your blog. You seem like you have a clear picture of how to be a successful teacher. I would only add two things to your fine list of objectives. 1. Get a copy of Harry Wong's "The first days of school" 2. Spend as much time early in the school year drilling procedures before you start teaching content. Good Luck! You will be a great teacher.